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Inspirational talk and ministry through online radio








Listen to Worship Music and God’s Teachings

Be enlightened as you go about your day–to–day activities when you listen to JAMMIN WJFJ. We are an online radio program that is here to offer you with a dose of inspiration through ministry and music.


Our Outreach Programs

Our organization assists in developing a variety of activities and programs. We serve as a support system for the youth, senior citizens, and the less fortunate. Our sincere belief is that all believers can reach happiness through greater spiritual awareness.

We also support and provide services for children who have incarcerated parents. Our organization was formed to receive and administer funds for the purpose of storing, edifying and encouraging the youth, seniors and the less fortunate without gaining a profit.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inform, encourage, and enhance life for all mankind through quality internet radio programming based on biblical truth, which we apply and relate to issues and everyday life. Our programs consist of inspirational music, talk and ministry.