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Inspirational talk and ministry through online radio

About Us

More Than 30 Years of Experience in Serving Jesus and the People


Our Mission

Here at JAMMIN WJFJ, it is our mission to demonstrate Bible teachings through thoughts, words and deeds. We believe that Christian beliefs and principles are edified through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our aim is to deliver ministries of service that address other people’s needs and problems. We provide quality family entertainment through inspirational music and ministry.


Our Goal

It is our goal to serve as a positive role model for everyone. We are sincerely driven to mentor and encourage fellow Christians to live a lifestyle based on biblical teachings.


Who we are - History Behind the Dream Team

The unique bond between these longtime friends and business colleagues reflects many achievements and contributions made together and independently. Each biography reflect disparate career paths yet, a love and concern for people and God given talents united them in the late 80’s, 90’s and recently in 2017. To better underscore the history and passion behind each man that lead to The Dream Team, brief biographies depicts past, present and future commitment to humanity. (Click here to read more).



Program Director Terry Neal

Terrance M. Neal

Terrance was born and raised in Detroit's inner–city. He moved to Alabama after graduating from Mackenzie High School and enrolled at Booker T. Washington School of Broadcasting in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating from Booker T. Washington, he landed his first broadcast job at WZZA–AM in Muscle Shoal, Alabama as Announcer and Account Executive. Later, Terrance was hired as Program Director at KMZX–102.3 FM in Little Rock, Arkansas where he also served as Events Coordinator for (UNCF) United Negro College Fund.

In 1987 Terrance began his tenure at WNOO/Switch 102.3 in Chattanooga, TN., performing Account Executive, Announcing and Assistant Music/Production Director duties. This lead to his introduction to Dr. Thomas Brooks, then owner of the stations. Over time their friendship paved the way for future business endeavors.

Find a need and fill it!

Terrance's passion for supporting youth, education and community led to his introduction of Toys for Kids with Incarcerated Parents and Out of School Alternative Jam, two of the many projects he has cultivated and nurtured. In 2014 he began formulating the startup of an on-line radio station. With assistance from former broadcast instructor Calvin Jones, jamminwjfj.com, an Inspirational on-line radio station signed on the world wide web on August 1, 2016. The recent merger of Inspire Communications, Inc. dba jamminwjfj.com and Middle Passage Communications positions jamminwjfj.com in excellent position for future growth.


Dr. Thomas Brooks

Dr. Brooks, fondly called, “Dr. B” among patients and friends doesn’t hesitate to admit he grew up in Nashville’s Public Housing. He attended Pearl High School in the heart of the inner city. His testimony of living in public housing and later graduating from prestigious Meharry Medical School is proof that anyone can be successful.

Dr. Brooks earned his Master’s Degree at Tennessee State University and entered Meharry Medical College. There he earned his Doctorate Degree and license to practice medicine. Dr. Brooks relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he began his successful thirty plus year practice as O.B.G.Y.N. Specialist. His services on Boards and Civic Organizations includes; Past President, Operation P.U.S.H., State Volunteer Medical Society, founding member of Hamilton County's Commission on Human Rights and member of The Afro-American Voters Coalition just to name a few.

Dr. Brook’s interest in communications and broadcasting began in 1980 as owner of WNOO/Switch 102.3, and the mid 90’s when he purchased 93.7 FM, WMPZ. Currently he is CEO of Middle Passage Communications, a Non Profit Corporation dedicated to empowering youth, creating employment opportunities, supporting education endeavors and serving as a vanguard in keeping minority communities informed.


Calvin Jones

Calvin’s broadcast career began as a DJ with Armed Forces Vietnam Network, (AFVN) a closed circuit radio station playing music to U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. Drafted in 1966 from his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Calvin served 17 months in Vietnam with The 41st Signal Btn. until malaria ended his military career. His had already surpassed all expectations of his middle school counselor who considered him a slow learner and advised he take special education classes based on his low (IQ) test scores.

Calvin set out to prove naysayers wrong and graduated from John Adams High School in 1965, served in U.S. Army 1966–1969, entered Bowling Green State University majoring in Child Psychology, enrolled at Spec's Howard School of Broadcast and Television in Detroit, Michigan, graduating in 1976 and began working at his first commercial radio station, Birmingham’s WZZK–FM in 1977. In 1978 he was hired as Sales Manager at WENN–107.7 in Birmingham. There he established and taught Broadcasting at Booker T. Washington School of Business. In 1995 Calvin accepted the call to Ministry and began ministering at several radio stations.

After more than forty year in the communications industry, Calvin continues to share his extensive experience that covers every phase of broadcasting including: Marketing, Public Relations, Management, Consulting for broadcast facilities and teaching the Art of Communications to the next generation of broadcasters. Recently, he joined Middle Passage Communications/Inspire Communications, Inc. as Public Relations/Consultant in collaborative efforts to inspire, educate and encourage minorities throughout the country and around the world.